• Welcome to ICMI2020

    2020-07-12 by

    This year, ICMI2020 will be held on Virtual Event in conjunction with IEEE ERK2020, which is held in Portoroz, Slovenia. https://isair.site/icmi/ On May 20 of 2019, Kyutech and University of Ljubljana (UL), a partner university in Slovenia, jointly held the 1st International Conference on Machine Intelligence (ICMI2019) at Kitakyushu International Conference Center. About 80 robotics… Read more

  • Congratulations

    2020-07-12 by

    The following papers are accepted by conferences or journals. Learning Cross-Modal Common Representations by Private-Shared Subspaces Separation, has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics WideSegNeXt: Semantic Image Segmentation Using Wide Residual Network and NeXt Dilated Unit, has been accepted for publication in IEEE Sensors Journal

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