General Information


There are approximately 3,500 guest rooms within a 10-minute walk from the convention zone, such as RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura, Station Hotel Kokura and Art Hotel Kokura.

Unique Venues

Kitakyushu has many superb party venues. All of these places have a good reputation with international conferences held in our city and their prices run less than similar venues in other big cities in Japan.

Industrial Tourism

Because of Kitakyushu’s history as the birthplace of modern Japanese industry, our city offers many inter­esting sights for industrial tourism. All are located within thirty minutes of the Convention Center which ensures easy access and the opportunity to create excursions that include both industrial sights and local sightseeing spots. Such excursions are very popular with international conferences in Kitakyushu.

Spectacular Sights

Within thirty minutes of the Convention Center, Kitakyushu offers many attractive sightseeing locations for conference excursions. This allows for easy half-day as well as full-day programs. We will work with your conference to arrange the best possible excursions.


You can visit these places of interest and learn about the history.

Visit Kyushu

Kyushu is a land full of energy, from its vibrant people to its famous volcanoes. Close to the rest of Asia and easily accessible from Tokyo, Kyushu has welcomed new ideas and cultures for over a thousand years. Experience the dynamic landscapes, relax in the many hot springs, and enjoy the warmth of genuine hospitality. Click here to learn more.

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